Workouts for Low Budgets

Does your budget stop you from getting a gym membership? Are you trying to build muscle size and strength in your backyard shed?

If you answeredyesthen this is the series for you.

This series is going to take a look at how you can train in your backyard shed and still achieve amazing strength, power and muscle growth. We are going to look at the best exercises, the best techniques and some lesser known cheats for working out home. The workouts are brutal but the results are worth it.

This post is going to be an introduction/basics post for the aspiring backyard shed trainer.

All throughout high school and up into my early university days I trained in a stinking car shed. In the summer it was hot and in the winter it was freezing. I had a bench press that collapsed more than once and a few rusty dumbbells that cut me when I let them slide in my hands.


It was great!

I know it sounds awful but the feeling of going out into my shed and training like and oldschool boxer really got me going. Still to this day I can say most of my best workouts were while I was pumping iron out in that stinking little car shed.

The problem with training at home, however, was that I was short on equipment. I didnt have a lot of money to spend. Two things I wasnt short on though were inventiveness and diligence. I created many workouts that I could do with little or no equipment that could rival any gym workout. And using them I got fitter, stronger and bigger than any of my friends who were up in their air conditioned gym.

This series is for all those people out there who are working out at home with the bare minimum but still want to get serious results. I will show you some techniques and exercises I used in my backyard shed to do the very same.

The Mind of the Trainer

When you work out at home you need to have a certain mental attitude that is going to get you through the hard times. You dont have anyone around you to get you inspired. You dont have a personal trainer to egg you on. Your equipment isnt smooth and polished.

It is just you and your shed full of crude iron.

If you go out in the backyard shed all depressed and sad about your situation you are never going to make any results

We will continue this topic in the next post, don’t forget to read


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