Workouts for Low Budgets 2

You need to hit you workouts like Rocky the gymhe had only one thing on his mindthe result. He didnt care that two kids punched his stomach while he did sit ups. He didnt care that his gym had rats and cockroaches. He just trained because he wanted to beat that Apollo!

You need to be like Rocky. Make the most of your scenario and dont go out into that shed unless you are going to give it everything you got. There is no one else around to pick you up.

What Equipment Your Backyard Shed Needs

Now my backyard shed did not have much but it did have a few things. I worked with what I had and made the most of it and I am going to encourage you to do the same. However, without a few basic pieces of equipment training is going to be very hard.

Some basics you need include:

Some dumbbells

There is a lot you can do with just your body weight alone but without a few dumbbells you are really making things hard for yourself. Even if you just pick up one 15 kilo dumbbell from someone’s hard rubbish collection you are going to be able to make your workout that much better. If you dont have any and really cant find any, dont panic.


A chin up bar

This is an absolute must. A lot of the muscle gains you make are going to be based around that bar. It doesnt have to be a bar though. In high school I used a branch on a fig tree at my dads house! It wasnt perfect (or straight) but it did the job. Dont be picky.


A barbell or equivalent

Getting a barbell with some weight discs is a great asset. However, if you cant manage that try to cook up a safe alternative like a heavy steel bar with some buckets filled with sand on the end. Something long and heavy (like a barbell) will really assist your muscle growth.


Some random heavy things

Make sure you have a few heavy things handy. They should be of a variety of weights. I have a few different weighted medicine balls, an empty beer keg, a sack full of sand and some other things like that. This will come in handy but again are not essential.

Other than this all you need are your arms, legs and a floor to stand on.

Coming up in this series

The future posts in this series will be looking at all the different ways you can train at home and still achieve amazing size and strength. There are going to be wellknown exercises, lesser known exercises and some that are going to make you think I am crazy.


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