Injuries and Bodybuilding: An Important Lesson I Learned


Everyone who bodybuilds gets injuries. It is part of life. However, not everyone deal with the injuries in the same way and this is where the real problems happen. Here is a lesson I learned about bodybuilding and injuries.

Why you should never lift weights when injured

As I said, everyone who bodybuilds gets injuries. The real test, however, is how you deal with that injury and it seems to me that not many people deal with them very well.

Take me for example. I got a shoulder injury doing a heavy shoulder exercise without warming up properly. The ligaments got damaged and the doctor said I shouldnt use the muscle for about two months. Pffft! Two months! Yeah right.

So I gave it about a week (if that) and I went back to the gym. I didnt hit my shoulder directly but it got used in exercises like the bench press, chin up, etc. After a while I reduced the weight because I realized how much it actually hurt. Must be serious I thought. What an idiot!

After about a month I went back to the doctor saying it was a lot worse than it was. He asked me all the usual questions including whether or not I had rested it properly. I told him I hadnt.

The result?

I now have a shoulder injury that is never going to go away. The rotator cuff has been damaged as the ligaments are not attached correctly. Surgery might fix it or it might not. Pretty annoying for someone who loves to workout.

So what should all bodybuilders learn from this experience?

It is pretty simple. Never train through an injury. Taking a month off training to let an injured muscle recover is a lot better than having a chronic problem for the rest of your life. The time off might even do you good! A lot of bodybuilders grow a lot after giving their body a months rest.

Even a mild injury can turn out to be serious. The pain is your bodys way of trying to tell you something and you should listen to those signals. There is no prize for training even when you shouldnt be. No bodys training is that important.

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