Fitness Equipment Reviews and Shopping


I would like to formally announce to all my readers that I have launched a new fitness blog! I decided that I really wanted to provide a place for athletes and bodybuilders to read about fitness equipment before they buy it so I created a a fitness equipment site where you can read reviews and shop all in one place.

The idea behind the site is to critically review every bit of fitness equipment that I have tried. I have also brought in other writers to give you all the information you need about any fitness equipment you might want to buy. We then provide a shop and links for places that you can purchase the equipment without having to go into the shop.

The site will have an emphasis on martial arts, boxing and extreme workout equipment so you might find some unusual things there.

So, stop by and have a look. Or, if there is an item of gym equipment that you want reviewed send us an email and we will do it for you right away.

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