8 Ways to Reduce Your Daily Evil Calorie Intake


These 8 tips are not hard to do. It will take a little bit of guts in some cases but most of you should find them pretty simple.

  1. Dont break bread

Many people have a sandwich at lunch time and a bit of bread with dinner. Get rid of it. Take all the vegetables and meats and cheeses out of the bread and throw it into a bowl. Now it is a salad! There goes a day’s worth of carbs and a truck load of sugar and bleach that most commercial bread companies use.

  1. Make a plan and treat it like a diet bible

A good idea is to make a daily or weekly plan and do all your shopping in advance. Write out everything you are going to eat for the day and stick to it like it is your diet bible. If you plan well this is a good way to avoid snacks and cut out excess calories.

  1. Have a second serve of saintly vegetables

If you have a meal full of vegetables it is a good idea to go back for seconds. These saintly foods keep you full and are full of goodies like fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is okay to fill up on these because they are calories that come with benefits. It will also stop you from snacking later.

  1.  Shop after a meal

When you go to the shop on an empty stomach it is just like inviting evil calorie rich foods into your home. Go out for a healthy meal first and then go to the shop. I guarantee it will protect you from the evils of chocolate bars and packets of chips. It is like holy water to a vampire.

  1. Banish evil salad dressings

Salad dressings are essentially like adding some sugar to your carrot. If you are on a weight loss diet you are probably eating a lot of nice salads with some delicious salad dressing on top. Bad idea. Most commercially made salad dressings are full of added sugar. Try replacing them with lemon, olive oil, chilli or some other homemade solution.

  1. Walk more

The more exercise you can do the better. Every little bit helps. If you walk to the shops instead of driving you burn off a couple of hundred calories. Carrying the bags works your arms out and helps keep your metabolism firing.

  1.  Low fat is where the devil lives

Low fat products are often full of added sugar. Think about it. That market the product as being healthy and low in fat and then people think it is good for their waistline. Shame. While it might be low in fat it sure as hell aint good for your waistline. Many low fat foods are sky high in sugar. Be careful what you eat.

  1. Swap Coke for holy water

This is the most important thing you can do if you want to cut out some unnecessary calories from your day. It takes about 30 minutes on the treadmill to burn off a single can of Coke. Cut it out and make your job a whole lot easier. Water keeps you healthy and never adds any calories to your diet.

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